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16:21Found Rare Vintage Bottles Underwater in the River! (Scuba Diving)
Found Rare Vintage Bottles Underwater in the River! (Scuba Diving)προβολές 285KΠριν 24 ημέρες
18:15Lost GoPro Found After 6 Years Underwater! (Returned to Owner)
12:25Finding Gold Nuggets While Scuba Diving! $2,000+ (How to Find Gold)
12:45I Found a Sunken Ship While Scuba Diving! (Explored for Treasure)
16:56Found a Human Leg Bone Underwater in the River! (Police Called)
Found a Human Leg Bone Underwater in the River! (Police Called)προβολές 3,4MΠριν 4 μήνες
16:23Found Gun Underwater in the River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called)
10:12Scuba Diving for a Missing $15,000 Diamond Rolex! (Unbelievable Find)
12:48Found Rare Gem While Digging at Diamond Hill Mine! (Unbelievable Find)
10:55Scuba Diving Popular Tubing Spot for Lost Valuables! (Found Credit Card)


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  • These are beautiful! Can anyone just pay to go up there and dig?

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  • That rifle is a M1Grand and due to the barrel it may have had a grenade launcher there. The original grenade launcher that was attached was a grenade at the end and it just launched like a regular grenade but much further

  • Those shots of him swimming look like something out of a splinter cell game

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  • Cole the Cornstar had his GoPro eaten by the combine this week. Maybe you could send him one of the many that you have pulled from the river and could not locate the owner. grtorrent.info/watch/t6SAiI1v16Lgebc.html

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  • Murder: time to watch my favorite GRtorrentr DALLMYD video: Searching for Murder Weapons in a Shallow Canal! (7 guns 4 knives and 3 phones) Murder: hey that's the knife i used to kill that kid

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