Life Is Hard When You Are On A Diet

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 9 Σεπ 2019
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18 Relatable Situations You've Definitely Been In / Awkward Guy Situations
Losing weight is a real challenge but our stories will help you to understand that you are not alone! Watch in our new video on WooHoo channel funny situations about girls on a diet.
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  • I love u troom troom

  • Be happy with ur body. Dont starve urself its bad.

    • Went

    • Happy Gucci Life Jim inn in UN yj xxx yfjx gnfndvh non xg lo lb pic बबलू डब्लू

  • Love

  • She was 60 inches and now 61 and she thinks she’s chubby?! Like what! 😮

  • The girl: “I have to go on a diet!” Me: watches while eating a croissant

  • That girl thats on a diet *She's flat.*

  • I love this video so much !:)

  • I hate veggies 🍅

  • Haha more Saran rap CLASSIC!!!

  • Whoa whoa i see rosey in8:58

  • Me when my teacher says we have a math test 0:43

  • Your friends are crazy

  • Z

  • Not

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  • In 3 days....she lost weight....GIRLLL

  • 6:28 Oh yes! A miracle! A NUT!! Pleasure Me: *laughing inside with dirty jokes*

  • Lucky I’m not on a diet it sounds horrible I’m more of a chip person

  • What is a Diet

  • in starting who pulled from fridg

  • I bet that skinny dieter ate all their snacks

  • My weight is 51 My height is 162 😥😥😭😭

  • Your video are the best

  • That was only three days?!

  • You shouldidnt be saying that you are fat because your not and some people are and you are just making things harder for them you can’t just being saying things that is not true because this is horrible cuz your making a expectation who people should be and not be please don’t ever do this again

  • Do you cry when gane one inch and that is just skin

  • Great lesson for young children. My 6 year old sister watches this! How to get skinny and I'm fat when your clearly skinny. Unhealthy thinking styles are being created! As someone who struggled with eating this I highly triggering. I'm so disgusted.

  • People bully me because of my Wight.

  • Workout is the best cure!

  • Que tengas un buen ratos libres Woo hoo Gracias por tu respuesta 😘😙😚👍

  • I do a lot of sports so I’m fine

  • my diet is NO EATING CARATOTS

  • Girl I am 50 samthing kg and I am only 10 Like if you are like me

  • this is actually problematic imagine how many children watch these. they know no better than to think that this is a healthy mindset

  • ”I’m getting chubby” she is noddle thin

  • Troom troom is so retarded.... No offence but like god!

  • Nope

  • Omg I’m so chubby Me looks at scale Me !? I’m younger than her Way younger And I way more than her And she calls herself chubby.... Guess I’m chubby too then :l Skinny girl GOING ON A DIET PSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH gets food do I always eat this much!? Healthy stuff lies on plate. Me eats Taco Bell Me ok..........

  • L

  • good work out for a diet 🌭no hotdog 🍊yes orange

  • I am 12 and I weight 60 pounds because of kg muscles

  • I will like to be on a diet but I have been exercising still I have not lost weight

    • Eat some veggies and we’ll valanced meat and exercise 3 times a day you will be atleast 59 after 10 months

  • Khloe' i i e i video

  • I heavery

  • (my nut🤬😡)

  • She gains 5 ounces and faints Then they wrap her In glad wrap Then she can't eat anything until healthy, not even anyone around her can eat unhealthy 😶😶😶😶

  • 53 pounds????

  • My friends(Hope and Emma) are afraid of the duck Devil named Fred👹🦆

  • Troom troom?

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  • I love woo hoo

  • No N No

  • Yes

  • I weigh more than her and I'm a kid

  • 55 is bad for a young girl

  • I am chuby and you are cinda saying that if your chuby then uou are ugly or the badest person N in the world YOU GUYS ARE MEAN


  • That girl is anorexic I am 13 years old and I weigh 103 so she is what 20 and she weighs 53 like cmon now

  • 1:53 Sounds like minecraft block breaking sound effects lol

  • BTS is gat,the,or.gun