The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 28 Ιούν 2019
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    • OverSimplified you should do and episode of the Guatemalan civil war

    • No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition

    • لماذا توقفتم عن الترجمة باللغة العربية؟؟!.. لا نستطيع أن نفهم الفيديوهات بهذه الطريقة

    • vietnam war oversimplified

    • I know the napoleonic war will be first. But are you gonna do the 80 years long war as well. Dont need it asap. (I know patroen is a think. Dont add me.) Just hoping you want to (Sure there is much more bigger wars.) Just in case if you ever run out of ideas. Cause i never understood it. Even as a dutch citizen. My greatest thanks in advance. I check out your patreon so i can help speed up the delivery of content. Much greets. A dutch fan.

  • Oversimplified you should do and episode of the Guatemalan civil war

  • Hello sir. Can I translate your videos to Russian GRtorrent? And I can take your GRtorrent design ? I will change everything and add to the title and registration PostScript Russia. You agree?

  • I always liked you and your videos; but now because of your empathetic way of explaining the savage events in the revolution, I admire you. Well done once again ;D

  • First to say first And to like my comments

  • 12:39 top ten anime deaths

  • "Hoot Hoot'"

  • Mary Antoinette looks like a centaur

  • Please do Vietnam war because my papa was in it and his job was too guard the dead bodies

  • You forget that Robespierre was shot, and then executed

  • Where are the subtitles in this video?

  • do the polish soiveit war


  • ??? : Make America Great Aga... SJW : To the Guillotine

  • Please make a civil war oversimplified because we are learning about it in my class and i like your videos and I would like to know about what happened in an easy to understand format thanks

  • H

  • The radical revolutionaries became that which they most hated, a tyrannical government.

  • Oversimplified: Seat belts everyone! Viewer: pls don’t let this be a long wait Other Viewers: with Oversimplified? NO WAY!

  • Balkan wars?

  • The french seem kinda retarded

  • 8:53

  • Make one for Gallipoli

  • These are really good, but you can throttle back on the jokes a tad. You are very good at visualizing these events, a joke every 30 seconds is a tad excessive.

  • 20:23 OTTOMAN POWER /🇹🇷 /


  • You know what would be nice oversimplified. Do one on the 8 princes. What happens right after 3 kingdoms. The dlc reveal trailer launched and I want to know wtf is going on since we left off.

  • Can ya oversimplify the apartheid regime for meh there ain't no African history on yo channel

  • What is wrong with you and Star Wars ? i started to watch it too :/

  • This is not only oversimplified but also over caricatural.

  • hoot hoot

  • I satisfied when Robespierre are executed. Glad to see death of psycopath.

  • Do a video on the war on terror!!!!

  • 10:26 hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hooT hoOT hOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT

  • Haitian revolution please!

  • One day Africa and Asia will come and demand France to pay back all the people they Have slaved and killed the resource they took

  • Switzerland: Always look on the bright side of life

  • Can you pls make a video on the Russian revolution. BTW your videos are very useful...….

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  • No I love my Porsche to much to give it away Which enraged my father who punished me severely

  • Thanks for this short history lesson. I mean I knew the Revolution was violent, but I believed it was only the rich guys getting axed and I thought that was justified. But as most things in life, apparently it's not as simple as that. Also interesting to see how 'simply assassinating the evil dude' can backfire spectacularly. As it often does. Oh how we forget.

  • 12:49

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