We need to talk about these Oopsies

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jojo siwa, dr disrespect, deji ksi opsie
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Jojo apology
Tfue interview

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  • The video before gaming year

  • Each time I understand those intros less and less

  • Pewdiepie is literally the father of youtube

  • *_-OOF-_*

  • KSI and Deji are so desperate for views and making money, they don't give a rat's ass about their fans anymore.

  • The biggest Oopsies is Funimation trusting Mr. Soy. It's going to cost a lot of money.

  • Poor pew 😭

  • dodo diwa de DoO doo DoTo DiDE OoDDi Und PoodieDie nO oOpsie Best intro ever

  • 0:04 A..are those LEGS!!!!

  • Non capisco come un coglione come te abbia tutto sto successo

    • Que fue lo que sucedió?

  • 4:15 if this gets claimed will be very angry XD

  • Sighing intensifies 1:37

  • ты пидр

  • The KSI and Deji thing is really ridiculous. They should really meet in person or at least call and talk to each other. Because the videos they’re making is just that: a conversation between two people. If they really need that attention they could stream it live or make a video of it, but they can’t solve any problem like that

  • Anyone else here to see what it was like before PewDiePie was a Minecraft GRtorrentr?

  • Jojo Siwa freaks me tf out

  • jojo siwa is trying to hide the fact that she is a killer

  • Did I just see LEGS ?

  • Omg the video quality ::::)

  • Now to your left is Pewdiepie's channel before he became a *Minecraft Gamer™*

  • *Basically 2019* I’m counting the number of times Pewds says “basically” in his Pew News Videos. 10/1/2019 - 4 17/1/2019 - 10 25/1/2019 - 8 3/2/2019 - 3 8/2/2019 - 10 13/2/2019 - 6.5 19/2/2019 - 1 24/2/2019 - 2 12/3/2019 - 5 7/4/2019 - 0 5/5/2019 - 1 12/5/2019 - 2 19/5/2019 - 1 23/5/2019 - 3 27/5/2019 - 4 7/6/2019 - 5 *21/6/2019 - 0* Total Basics - 65.5

    • @Marle Peace thanks

    • Gucci Thanos - At one point, Pewds went to say “basically” but cut himself off halfway. I counted it anyway because the intent was there.

    • Why the .5?

  • He said update news then an ad showed up.

  • I love the german closed captions: "Evite not dinner pro doctor, that it there a little bit bad? *NO*

  • 14:20 what happens in the boys bathroom?😂😂😂

  • Women are keep making videos and taking photos in pubs/danceclubs bathrooms. Why is that different? :)

  • Hey Pewdiepie. Hai

  • The day before the extraction of Minecraft.

  • Pewds is better at legal context than many actual lawyers.

  • 2:56 YAY! OMG I got so excited!

  • “If you would understand what i was going through, then you would understand.” Speech 100

  • That beanie be looking like the default Netflix profile pic fr on jah

  • Rip pew news

  • Last episode of Pew news

  • Meow meow purr Mew meow Meow mew hiss Hiss hiss hiss bitches

  • Your doing keemstars job better than he does

  • Why does this exist.

  • Nobody: Everyone: JoJo Siwa: *S I G H*

  • Oof

  • Tfue's lawyer looks like Steve Carell

  • “I don’t even remember what I did yesterday” well dear.... you played Minecraft

  • 2:42 *window wiping sound*

  • I dont know if I'm too high or this pewnews is abstract af.

  • Sandy no give wifi what i do? She is fat and man

  • *What?* You've never played tuber simulator?

  • I always thought Deji and KSI were the same person

  • the day before he become a minecrafter

    • @Haaxey . why?

    • I'm still looking for a Time-Machine...

  • just came back to this vid after a long time to land at 2:41 😂😂😂

  • I wondered why this video didn't have 1 milion likes yet 5:13 jk if you like fortnite

  • uPDAte nEWs

  • She's checked in every apology checkbox: Dramatic sigh, no makeup, hoodie, no intro..

    • @Meghana Roy Damn lol

    • A random fly I literally thought there’s a small fly on my screen and tried it shoo it away for a good amount of time 😂