Nobody’s Fool (2018) - Tiffany Haddish & Whoopi Goldberg’s Emotional Connection

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 27 Οκτ 2018
Tiffany Haddish gets emotional and is brought to tears on the set of Nobody’s Fool while talking about her idol Whoopi Goldberg.
From director Tyler Perry, Tiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick, Amber Riley, and Whoopi Goldberg star in #NobodysFool, coming to theatres November 2. Get tickets now!
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  • I cried, omg. So sweet and touching.

  • Back for the tears of gratitude and longing fulfilled

  • Tiffany I love you I’m glad your dreams are coming true. You deserve the world 🌎 I hope you have a blessed life full of love and laughter.

  • Awwwwwwwww I'm crying my eyes out

  • They look like Mother and Daughter lol

  • Oh wow... she makes me want Whoopi to be my mama too!!!!🤗🤗🤗

  • it's hard to fight your tears especially comedians cry

  • god is very good

  • Who cut the onions?? Am not crying!

  • Aww lemme marry you tiff

  • To get Confirmation that God hears us is amazing

  • Everybody loves whoopi

  • I think some of us can connect with Tiffany. Whether you're male or female. Some of us were influenced by Whoopi Goldberg. I was born 88, and Whoopi was one of the very first people I can remember loving her and thought of her as a friend....even though I've never met her. Her presence on the screen is so pure and honest. You feel as if you know her. I remember being 5 or 6 years old and watching Ghost, The Color Purple, Sister Act 1 & 2, Jumping Jack Flash, Made in America and so on. I obviously still follow her career and love her. I'm Mexican-American and I consider Whoopi to be a hero to me. It's hard to explain, she's one of those people I've always looked too and have been in influenced by her. Because of her role in Sister Act, I joined an acapella choir from 7th grade to my senior year in high school. There have been so many other celebrities who I love and admire, but Whoopi comes at number one.

  • The way she even claps her hands together, you know this was genuine. She claps them as if she was a child😍😍😭😢😢😢

  • Tiffany you made me cry! I felt every bit of your emotions through this damn phone! I'm not emotional either! So stop making me cry damn it🙏🏽😘

  • I thought she said she wished Meryl Streep being her momma? Girl you extra and fake.

  • She got me crying

  • Love her.

  • she's so real! deep thing here!

  • Tiffany Hadish is the most cutest person in the world like my heart 😭😭

  • This is what being grateful looks like. And this put me in tears. Loved the movie definitely buying it.

  • I’m sick 😹😹😹

  • Oh bless her heart she loves her u can tell. I wonder why she loves her so much. I’d love to hear her explain her admiration for Whoopi.

  • I cried

  • 😍😭

  • Bawling ma eyes out!!!! you tiffy...ur my inspiration

  • Aaahhwwwww.....

  • wow what bout the momma who birthed and raised you ☹️

  • Made me cry .... so soooooo sweet... ahhh!!!!!

  • That's how the universe works 🙌🙌

  • My heart. Very happy for her. This is #blackexcellence

  • She’s so humble I love it

  • I hate to see ppl cry 😢 it makes me so emotional 😭

  • sooooo...I'm crying Lol. This was so sweet and heartfelt.

  • “I’m not sensitive”🤣❤️💕Didn’t she say that in the movie??

  • Whoopi I love you Sister, you been on my mind, sister we two of kind. Sister, Im keeping my eyes on you.

  • Tiffany is so beautiful

  • Ooh Tiff i don't like u lol you gotta grown man over here tearing up

  • Look Ms.Tiffany Haddish, the Truth is that you're not funny At-all. Hell, you're not even aware of your own Blackness let alone Black-comedy & humor? You're just the typical everyday Ignorant, Filthy-mouth, Welfare Section-8, Proud Black-bitch Who's Not Worth A Damn in the slightest but who thinks themselves Unique, or in your case, a Unicorn? Lol. Bitch-please, grow up and don't believe your own hype? It's Women like you who are man's greatest enemy truth be told. Oh, and so that you know Ho, there's no such thing of unicorns. Didn't they tell you? Besides bitch, you're to Got-damn Old be a Unicorn-horse anyway. Must be some kind of Sex-thing huh? Ms.Tiffany Haddish is just another celebrated buffoon. How sad, oh so sad.

  • Omg Tiffany 😍😍

  • Tiffany is one of the realest!! Loved her since The Carmichael Show.

  • Yes! We are counting on you! Thank you:)

  • Tiffany girl you done given me faith again when I straight upppp needed it... You deserve it and its sooo beautiful watching this

  • I used to dream of Diana Ross being my mom. lost my mom around 1 yr old so i get it. its so awesome you got to work with her

  • This is such a beautiful thing. Congratulation on your success Tiffany and getting your dreams. Whoopi is just a legend. 💜

  • I never seen her cry

    • She cried in another interview speaking about her real mom

  • This is so wholesome

  • Went to see the movie last night, 5 stars loved it, you go Tyler, as always you did it again😊

  • This video is proof that dreams really do come true... I could not stop crying. So touching seeing someone’s dreams come true.

  • This made me cry... God bless you Tiffany, it is your time to shine.

  • that emotional draining..Congratulations Tiffany. Live your Best Life!

  • So I'm at my desk, crying at work. Wow

  • I did not need to cry at my desk Tiffany she’s so damn genuine and relatable!!

  • This video was everything😍

  • Tiffany you’re a gift from God thank you for the laughter 💕💕💕 you both was awesome 👏🏼

  • Wow, I'm sitting here ....Crying!!!!!!

  • Couch 😒 bullshit

  • Where's the tears?😭😭 Oh she's an actress 💅

  • This made me cry and I'm not a crier at all. It was touching. Anyone that has a dream should watch this.

  • i wasn't planning on crying 😭😭😭

  • I think she needs help in order to get over her damaged past!!! And no I am not a professional but i did learn a few things along my life journeys/ path ...for decades! Good luck on your success!

  • I cried like a damn baby!! I love this woman!!

  • I just saw the movie...Tiffany is not funny at all...and Whoopi was the movie...

  • God bless u tiff

  • The Lord’s timing really is perfect. I love Tiffany! I love this story! I’m crying happy tears too.

  • Yes, Tiffany's joy made the tears well up in my eyes...So precious she is!

  • All of us on here need some tissues.

  • "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof". Richard Bach We don't get to choose our family of birth, but we surely get to choose the rest of our family!!💖

  • Damn. I even teared up a little.

  • Girl 😒😒😒 I'm so sick of people mentioning God in everything, but yet act a completely different way that's not like Him smh stop the water works. Every opportunity is NOT from GOD. Just because it looks and sounds good that doesn't mean it's from God God is HOLY and is not interested in foolishness and sin. When she say God she is surely not speaking of the One and Only true living God. The Breath of life God. Tiffany serves her own god. Period... I'll wait for those who hate the truth and love hearing feel good lies...

    • @crushinsatan You have the right to believe or say what how you believe and speak... But name one thing I said that is NOT true.

    • @Keith Smith lies

    • Hello my sister Not Today. You know God only require one thing from us (Relationship)... and in that Relationship comes worship and obedience which everything else falls under one of those umbrellas. So many "Church People" are so quick to condemn anyone who life doesn't mirror what they think Christianity should be. We are all someone else interpretation of who Christ is( meaning someone preached to us) but it's up to us to find out who He is to us. Now ask yourself this question. What give you the right to question someone else's Relationship with our Father. Even in our best righteousness we are all filthy rags. The bible say that the righteous scarcely make it into heaven. Please be careful when you put your mouth on people. We are ALL EX-something. You never know God could be raising her up for something Great... Did you hear her say God you have been listening to me all these years. It only take one thing to change a life forever. He saved you didn't He. Don't be so heavenly bound that you are no earthly good. Meet people where they are. Plant the seed and let God do the raising up (Relationship). Be bless my sister. Oh! did you know she is the product of being bounced around from one foster home to another. Hummm! Keith

    • Ummm, one question. How would you know who serves who? The last I checked we can only be accountable for our search of salvation. Even the word says that only God knows the true heart of a person. If that is how she feels that is how she feels. We do not have a heaven or hell to put anyone in including oneself. This was a devilish statement true or not, this is not of God. I do know one thing, everything is not from God but He will sure use what was meant for our harm, for our good. Now those are facts. I am not invested in this one way or another but this statement was just not okay. Who is anyone to speak on the soul of another, now that is sinful in itself.

    • I see somebody woke in the comment section 👀 I ain't seen one damn tear 😭😭😭

  • Imma thug I’m not supposed to cry 😢

  • I'm so happy for Tiffany because after reading her book, she deserves nothing but good in life.

  • That brought tears to my eyes. Happy for this lady’s come up!

  • Aw nah. Y'all need to stop chopping those onions b/c I _JUST_ put some fresh mascara on! 😭😭😭

  • Beautiful people. May God sustain you both as people; artists and changemakers.

  • Wow Tiffany mentioned God being in control of her destiny

  • Look she is not gonna have me in tears tooo 😢😢😢😢😢! This is very heart warming and touching!

  • Who the hell is cutting onions?!?!?

  • STOP IT!! YOU MAKING ME CRY DAMNIT!! I'm so glad she got her wish.

  • This is, indeed, an example of African American healing. I shall shout and pray for you sisters. Because of you and Whoopie, the Black female body can laugh, cry, be beautiful in this world. Thanks for your authentic way of living lovely in the world.

  • That is so sweet it makes me cry

  • I really love WHOPPI AND MONIQUE like this I really do

  • You know what, this is confirmation of it really being her time. There's nothing like God's favor; I don't care who talks about you or tries to block your blessings , what's for you is yours. . . PERIOD!! (Got me over here in my feelings) #SheReady


  • I'm so glad that Tiffany got her wish. ❤❤❤

  • No, I wasn’t crying!!! Who asked? 😂😂😂

  • You deserve every good thing coming to you in this season and seasons to come Tiffany. You always put a smile on my face. Love you always.

  • Tiffanyyyyyyyyyyy you got me crying giiirl! lol

  • Awww this is sweet

  • Stupid

  • Tiffany has paid her dues. She deserves all that she is getting. Most people couldn't handle all those hardships that she had and live to tell about them. My hat's off to Tiffany. So glad to see her making it!!

  • Tiffany be cryin like that.gurl pleeeease!

  • Getting a Wish come true is always a Dream...I am glad for her. Congrats Tiffany..

  • ...stop, she not GOD, cut it out. We love you both, real talent. I don't want Whoopi as my mother, I had one, but I would love an opportunity to be successful.

  • There go my momma

  • This is so emotional

  • I'm tearing up. God bless both of them. She finally got to meet her dream mom.

  • watch this and you will turn hungry

  • I’m over here about to cry 😢❤️

  • Awe. This girl have me in tears. Tiffany!! Whoopi you need to start those adoption papers. Im so blessed that there's no one I'd want to be my mom except my mom. Wow.