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Check out the official trailer for #WhatMenWant, starring Taraji P. Henson, in theatres February 8!
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  • What a crappy movie! Wow!

  • Too late, Dave Chappelle killed this with a sketch back in '04

  • i love looking at all the comments by men being all "nOT aLl MeN!!!!..."

  • Why this is not on Netflix

  • this movie was so funny

  • Bel Gibson's original version was really inspiring, It didn't show women as pigs nor men as pigs, you get to see the good and bad about women and men. And as a man I really related to the movie and also my gf did and 100% of the people i know related to the movie aswell.

  • bad rework of mel gibsons movie what women want

  • Who came up with this? I rather unclog a toilet with my bare hands than watching this, I rather have a full out Twilight marathon. I hope this crash and burn so at least some hope that this kind of crap doesn't get made in the future

  • Any movie reviews pls

  • This movie would have had way more weight behind it had they filmed it in a Real Major City like NYC,LA MIAMI, CHICAGO , I almost laughed at some of the lines in the movie "I just signed Matt Ryan" lol lol what a Joke. Awful attempt to try to push Atlanta Agenda to say Atlanta is a Big time City that its not lol

  • Mahna Mahna mmmmmmmmmmm OLE SKOOL PLAYAS WITH NEW SKOOL FOOL CASH KEEP IT JUMPIN Mahna Mahna mmmmmmmmm NIGGA BE TRYINNA AINT YO MAMA PURDY GOT MEATBALLS IN HA TIDDY BEOOOOTCH OMG I LMAO ON THIS PART. RENTED IT TO WATCH THIS PART LIKE OVER 20 times. Erica Badu played the shit out of a small part. I loved her in this movie. And she put her sons father lyrics in it.

  • Good to see another director, who is completely out of touch with reality, make a movie that completely fails.

  • a total waste of time, it's most apparent what men will think of: sex, sex, sex

  • *Mel Gibson should have been in this movie, just cause he was in "What Women Want"*

  • It was quite funny.

  • Should be retitled the Foul mouthed Entitled Bee otch Who Thinks like A man.

  • This movie is ridiculous, I tried watching it and I had to stop halfway through. The whole point of the original "What Women Want" was that women are complicated (as a woman, I can confirm this. I dont even know what the heck I want most of the time). But this movie never even mentions anything about trying to understand men! All it has is a nasty main character who literally can't get along with ANYONE. They never say "you can't succeed because you're not a man", they say "you can't succeed because you can't get along with men". Not because she doesn't understand them, but because she's totally self centered and only cares about her own success, regardless of who's around her

  • Men are dicks basically. Feeling threatened by women lol.

  • Crap


    • Πες τα άρχοντα!Ξέμεινε από ιδέες το Ιερό ξύλο!

  • Eu invoco todos os brasileiros

  • I just watched the movie and if you play 2K19 they guy she likes played Corey Harris😂

  • Man want to go MGTOW !

  • It looks interesting😁 I am looking forward to watch it.😙

  • You don't believe How hard to find someone to troll I'm searching some feminist shi7.

  • Why do I get the feeling this movie should actually be called "What Third-wave Feminists Think Men Want" …? What Women Want was actually a funny and reasonably clever movie and this flipped premise has the potential to do something funny, really clever and genuinely insightful too but the tone of the trailer makes me think it's going to be an exercise in "aren't men awful and don't they have it so easy" misandry as well as being a comedic dumpster fire. 1:59 Did she really just smack a guy in the nuts because he had a private *thought* she didn't like? Wow, real noble protagonist to root for right there. Perhaps the real reason she didn't get the promotion is because Eddie doesn't go around being violent to people who have opinions he disapproves of.

  • Worse movie ever! Real bullshit!

  • More like "What Women Want".

  • It is a very good movie 😂👏🎥

  • If you are expecting a movie along the same lines as when Mel Gibson came out with a movie called "What women Want" you are in for a big surprise. Today's sense of humor, sad to say is crude.

  • hollywood version of "aga baai arrecha"😂😂😂

  • i saw this movie's poster and i almost had a stroke, so i went and watched mel gibsons movie just to make sure that i didnt slip into some alternate dimension where this replaces it

  • 1:37 deleted scene the valet guy didnt mention his fart,,but its about perverting her underwear...I just watch it a minute ago😊😂

  • They stole the concept of the movie from a Lebanese show called “Caramel” smh

  • my God ........This is so stupid, this movie is too stupid.....everyone knows what men want

  • crap

  • Sex sex sex a lot of sex

  • I watched this and thought it would be terrible because it was a crappy rip-off of the original, but now I realise it will be terrible because Kevin Hart was involved.

    • @Nia Where did I say he was in the movie? I said he was involved.

  • Wher i can find the full movie ? It is not on Netflix

  • - VOILA LE LIEN POUR VOIR SE FILM GRATUITEMENT % - www.streamiiing.com/79-what-men-want.html

  • I watched this movie last night. I was glad the story line went down a different road. Taraji P. Henson character was strong and witty. She learns a powerful lesson on true success. The only actress that needed to go was Wendi McLendon-Covey who played the part as, the obnoxious, Olivia. That role was a big mistake; she wasn't even funny. The other casts were perfect. All in all I give that movie 4 stars out of 5.

    • @mahdi chami I thought it was a remake of the movie "What Women Want" starring Mel Gibson aired back in 2000. What are you talking about?

    • Jaely Velazquez the concept of the movie was stolen from an Arabic show, it was way funnier on the show tbh

  • More blowjobs and less nagging.

  • omfg.. another movie to push down men.. good work SJW, good work..

  • This movie sucked. But what's up with all the pussy dudes in the comments? Seriously, you all sounding like a bunch of bitches

  • Erykah Badu.... that's all I can say!!! She needed more time in this movie!!! 😂

  • here they have an opportunity to be insightful into what men really want. but... instead they just go the stereotypical root. All men are pigs and dumb and want to oppress women. whats even worse is that you have the characters motion their head and facial expression as if they're really saying these things outloud. I don't change my face whenever i'm thinking about stuff, quite the opposite. We get it, you're too insecure to realize that the reason for you not getting that promotion is because you're just not as good as you think you are. In fact I'm sure that most of your female coworkers are better than you too. Unless she was a black female looking exactly like you, you'd find a way to spin it for it to be not your fault. white lady "oh its because I'm black". black lady "oh its because she has bigger tits and the boss is a pig." go fuck yourself. You suck because you suck, not because of your gender or race.

  • Imagine wanting to pay to watch this, no really just imagine

  • Just a rehash of the movie What women want. How original... I hope that the only funny parts are not all in the trailer.

  • Men want Pussy & Boobs #UniversalTruth

  • Nah the book is better than this.

  • Kellan Lutz as Captain F*cktastic (yum)

  • What men want? Really? Isn’t this a no brainer? 🤔

  • I don't know which is worse the gay agenda of this movie or the suggested integration I presume both.

  • Imagine a sexist movie about men in 2019. Oh wait...

  • SO bad. so you do weed and cocaine and you can read peoples thoughts? :D wtf.......cheap ass movie

  • Boring....the trailer is better than the movie.👎🏼

  • is this a ripoff of what women want???

  • Good movie but still is not as good as the original "What women want"

  • I thought this was trailer

  • Feel so proud for her and those ladies who deserve it with this scene grtorrent.info/watch/CivIRLeMtH4Bfak.html

  • How this has anything to do with what men want is beyond me. I think it was a catch tag to get men to watch it. It's a chick flick and they never know how to make men laugh. It's kind of like listening to a women crack jokes. They worked hard at it but can't pick up on men's humor. This bored me to sleep.

  • low expectations ,but ended up being really funny, 4 stars great service ,the hustle is bad

  • Really bad, worst of the year.

  • We want to see pretty woman in the cinema! The fat ugly beastly women surround us in real live! I don't want to see it in cinema too!

  • I rly do not have to watch this movie, another plagiarist. Mel gibson - What Women Want .... Same story 99%...

  • This is just a 2 hour video of feminist propoganda

  • канешно хачу

  • They cut some of these parts out of the movie, instead they switched it..................... like whyyyyy

  • BIG BOOBS!.. there... I said it!

  • I was wondering when the coonery would commence in 2019


  • Hollywood has ran out of ideas. Mel Gibson does "What women want" and now they do a female black version of the same crap. Next they'll do a gay version called "What Ellen wants".

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  • best movie of 2019 pop poppy pop corn I am ready ummhmmm....

  • Mel Gibson already did this movie.

  • I'm gonna be optimistic and say it won't be wildly mediocre.

  • 100% PROOF THAT THERE IS NOT REMAINING ORIGINAL THOUGHT IN HOLLYWOOD. Hollywood: Want to see a movie? Me: Yeah. Hollywood: Here’s a pile of shit movie that is exactly the same thing we did 23 years ago, we just reversed the genders of the characters, because we think our audience is stupid.

  • Lmao all the “men”getting upset 😂

  • A load of shit

  • That thing with the toast though was so true

  • Good movie, it would be better without Tracy Morgan..

  • disgusting and vulgar movie

  • Another copy of Marathi movie

  • i smell toast

  • Not a good film, remade the original into a comedy and the only part that was funny was SHAQ. That remix of Aretha Franklin's Think somehow sounds more white than the original.

  • LAD❗️EZ: Check This Out. Because It Could Be The Game-Changing Field-Leveler U’ALL’VE Been 👀 ing 4. 💥🎯🍾

  • "it's raining man" - not a sexist song

  • go wok go broke

  • What women want is much better movie, they copy cat not good

  • NO NO , it`s not stealing from ``what women want``...Jesus fuck .....

  • they should pay mel gibson copyright :)

  • Deplorable attempt of a remake of an already used idea...

  • I hate [email protected]@s

  • This sounds like the title should be feminist the movie

  • Hollywood continues the trash it's pumping out I see. Maybe they should finally make a movie addressing how all of those in hollywood are pedos

  • seems like it's pretty well done notice how I didn't get pretend offended to step up to sexist women? Because I'm not a pussy. There's no man-hating in this trailer. Grow a pair

  • the ironic this is not a single man features in this entire trailer imagine writing these characters... my god you'd have to be completely fucked in the head

  • Another Hollywood libtard movie designed to virtue signal off of a classic movie from the past. However, they only changed Mel Gibson (a white male) into a black female. They should have libtarded it all the way by making it a black female tranny that identifies as a non-binary Asian that sucks donkey dicks in the name of Islam. Did I miss any libtard virtues?

  • How does this movie even work Tracy Morgan is into guys the guy is a total homo every movie I've seen him in he's been hungry for cock

  • Is this a sequel to What Women Want...lmao gotta see this and see if it's as funny as the first one.