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Meet Gus & Cooper (Kenan Thompson & Ken Jeong), our beaver brother duo that can fix ANYTHING, even a bad mood 😃
When the park of her dreams needs saving, only June’s imagination can bring it back to life! Experience the wonder of Wonder Park in theatres March 15.
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  • cooper dies

  • I wish that Joe and Caspar would also get credit on google... when you look up the film and click on cast it comes up with just the American cast. I wish there wasn’t an American and a British version 😒😤

  • In the actual wonder park it’s joe sugg and Caspar lee and it released in the uk on April 8 th me and my friend went to it we are on insta our username for our account is @bubblewrap._.joe

    • They wasn't in it

  • Kenan Thompson and Ken Jeong? Wtf Joe and Caspar play them wtf?

    • "Wtf" Well ovbiously not.

    • Chloe Ward this is the American version. Joe and Casper play them in the UK version

  • Doesn't sound like Joe or Casper at all

    • @Freya Does Macrame ohhhh right. I was wondering 😅

    • Watch the uk one

    • It's not they changed the voices for the American version. I know right

  • Marcus and Martinus!!!❤😊

  • How cool gus and cooper are angry beavers from wonder park (2019) holy Sh*t

  • So they are basically Dagget and Norbert from Angry Beavers

  • At least we got dinner!

  • Crash and Eddie (Ice Age: The Meltdown) as Gus and Cooper

  • I love ken jeong and kenan Thompson! Thier humor works really well together! I can't wait to watch this cute movie!

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  • Why are they fighting each other at the the end and I can't wait for the boar tommorow

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  • Were the beavers inspired by Dag and Norbert from Nickelodeon's Angry Beavers series?

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