Giannis Antetokounmpo EMOTIONAL SPEECH - Most Valuable Player Award - 2019 NBA Awards

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 25 Ιούν 2019
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  • Here’s a real mvp

  • am i the only one who cried?

  • i felt it i kinda cried

  • Ααα ρε φτωχολογιά βγάζεις τα καλύτερα παιδιά ο Γιάννης δεν ήταν από τους βολεμένους ξέρει τι πάει να πει φιλότιμο μπράβο αδελφέ μου


  • Just imagine what hardens speech would have been

  • Congratulations to the poor mans Ben Simmons!


  • I went just went through 2 of Giannis Antetokumpo brothers, Alexis and Thansis, and hope that they could mature enough to become legends in the NBA. Giannis and Kostas too!!!

  • Giannis is amazing at what he does he really deserved it! 🙏🏿🤞🏾💛

  • My boii Giannis got MVP

  • Super humble

  • That’s a good pick

  • This guy is such a good player in the nba today.. Good luck Giannis and luka magic congrats

  • So emotional but awesome

  • How the hell can you dislike this?

  • Congratulations to my boy Giannis for getting MVP

  • *bucks vs lakers 2020 finals.*


  • Good player overall but need to pratice his shots

    • Aden Bills are you illiterate?

  • I was hoping for Harden ... but you know, when real men is crying it have to be worth it ...

  • God bless you Giannis , Continue to inspire dreamers and athletes through hardwork, dedication, perserverance, gratefulness, and being humble among others. God bless you in your next goal !! From the Philippines

  • Everyone loves Giannis it’s impossible to hate him

  • I was born Greek , not far from where Giannis was born, to a well-off family and have been playing and following basketball for 40 years. I have seen numerous talented players squander their potential with their poor work ethic. I know how racist Greek society is. There is only one thing to say about Giannis: We just don't deserve this guy!

  • Good job Greek Greek boy you deserve it

  • Congratulations Giannis much love from Greece you are my idol ❤️

  • I dont even watch basketball, but this is my favorite player❤️❤️❤️

  • What an emotional speech. It says a lot about Giannis the person, which is impossible not to respect. This speech says a lot about his humility, maturity and mindset, which will drive him to keep getting better. Scary thought! Congrats young man.

  • This is how many times he said umm ⬇️

  • 1+ οποισ ειναι ελληνασ

  • Two words to describe this man. “Heart” and “Humble”

  • Who is this whiter than sour cream guy giving the award?

  • Ahhhhuumm

  • When ya drunk this make yu cry 2😂😭

  • Fuck 2k for making giannis a dick

  • Now he just needs to win the championship, but I don't think he can win with the Bucks

  • I know I’m not the only one who noticed that at 3:41 that girl tried to kiss him, R.I.P to her.

    • Thats his girlfriend lol

  • a nigga shed a couple tears 😭😢

  • 3:40 that thot wanted a kiss

  • Uhh

  • The Next Greek Center Back - Prototype Defender -Big -Fast -Strong -Shut Down Defender -Strong on Ball Playing Center Half -Speed 100m 10.7 to 10.9 range - Greek Football Antonis Konstantinidis -1.90 m & 88 kg - Born 1999 - Video 1: - Video 2: 100 Meter Video: Goal at 5:30

  • Shaq!!

  • This is why he will always be my fave player 💪🏾😭

  • I started tearing up

  • I love giannis

  • Y’all just gonna ignore how fresh trae young lookin

  • Kawhi is laughing

  • Amazing speech. Congratulations to you Sir!!

  • Makes this a blue if you thing gianns is the mvp

  • Did I miss it or did he forget to thank his girlfriend??!!