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Sometimes dead is better. Watch the final trailer for #PetSematary, in theatres starting Thursday night.
Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.
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  • I am just satisfied by how the water goes down the hair and how he brushes the hair but I’m also really really disturbed by it

  • Wow this does not follow the book AT ALL

  • I have read its book ist amazing

  • This movie is a masterpiece. This is my 4th movie I've ranked on my best list

  • So... If I bury my hair in that place, will I get my lost hair back so that I can get rid of balding?

  • So glad they have him playing Jud Crandall "Ayuh"

  • Sonic is still scarier

  • I heard the humming from the girl with all the gifts, I’m kinda confused.

  • If i don't hear Louis saying 'hey ho let's go' i will most likely go insane.



  • R.I.P Leo the cat


  • I loved this movie tbh

  • So glad I saw this movie before the trailer, it spoils one of the major events right from the get-go. Wow, what is it with those pesky Americans and ruining a movie experience like that.

  • The cat in the original movie looked so much scarier. This is no "Church".

  • The background music is awesome

  • I'm so glad I didn't see THIS trailer before the movie. They give away the fucking twist in this one.

  • Sad ending :( I have two kids too, and i imagine that happend to my family .

  • Y'all I didn't sign up for this I just came here to see why tumblr was crying about a cat covered in vaseline and coffee grounds

  • Sometimes the book is better....., I will see if this is one of them.

  • What is the name of the amazing creepy song/track in this trailer ?

  • A la BBestiaaa

  • What's with all these fucking boring masks

  • that movie reinvented "predictable"

  • that movie reinvented "predictable"

  • that movie reinvented "predictable"

  • 🚨 SPOILER 🚨 : .....this trailer is better than the movie.

  • this film like edotensei no justu



  • Funny that everyone died before Gage in this one. Zombified Louis probably killed Gage offscreen.


  • My mum: oh hell no Me: that looks amazing 👏 My Mums 48 I'm 11

  • Too bad it sucked

  • Film pepek gajelas, endingnya kek kontol sutradaranya kayak anjing

  • sorry to spoiled but it’s pretty bad

  • Whoa that's the music from 'the girl with all the gifts'

  • Sometime dead is better

  • Watches for 5 seconds starts biting nails

  • I am a India I love paramount pictures My favourite movie Transformers

  • When you cant watch the trailer because ur reading the book 🙄

  • 1:19 i did not see that scene in cinema Has it been removed or i am blind or its banned from my country

  • This trailer is more better than the full movie

  • this is another film that could have been done so well again, had the perfect setting to start with but they messed it all up.was no need for the black guy coming back as a ghost. and the old man telling him about the sematary could have been done a lot better.was no need for the ghost sounds at the sematary.the first thing that messes it up is the kids walking past with the head masks.that was just stupid. if it was made more realistic it would have been more scary and believable.first the old man wants him to go there,then he doesn't.that part is dumb.the girl goes and kills the old man and talks about his dead wife? what? and then the parents don't want there daughter when she comes back?is all stupid.and the mother's sister what is that all about? nothing to do with this story.who made this crap?

  • Not going to lie, 1:18 looks SO god damn fake it makes me not want to watch this movie..

  • Shitty movie compared to the original Pet Cemetery from 1989

  • Everyone dies except for Gage

    • Zombified Louis probably killed him offscreen and then bury him at the Pet Sematary! So the whole family can live that way.

  • Click to link and watch to movie full Thanks😊

  • Yet another horror movie where the black guy dies first.

  • 1:13 "sometimes death is better" that sound desperately....

  • I'm watcing in cinema

  • One giant spoiler, wtf

  • Well, it had to end with a jumpscare... Very innovative, guys!

  • Can we just stop making these trash ass horror movies

  • Cats were fighting outside my home and i thought they were sound effects from the trailer

  • But Stephen King did not want to release this horror, so I think it is wrong to film him.

  • I want to watch this but my dad said no 😣

    • Yeah but to make it even worse my musically just watched it and he keeps on boasting about it ahhhhhhhhhhhhr

    • Honestly I wouldn’t recommend it.At best to me, it was a 5/10

  • This isn’t at all pet sematary

  • I thought this was a warrior cat movie once I saw the cat Also I would love a cat warrior movie One heart/like=a warrior cat movie

  • but in the book gage died, not ellie

  • متى سيعرض الفيلم

  • The Original was better, darker, more realistic and nearer to the book.

    • It's cheesy with horror elements

  • Hope I’m still in this seem like I am

  • Pretty good adaptation, I was pleased, scared, entertained and left with some thoughts about death and afterlife.

  • "i should never showed you that place" equals with "i should swallow you when you were still a sperm" which means "shit happens!"

  • Is it bad that my old school had the book and I read it.. In third grade..

  • The movie isn’t that scary

  • Sometimes dead is better. Like this movie.

    • Like both movies. All the Stephen King book adaptations were awful. Except for The Green Mile (or Line), the new IT and The Shinning. The rest is forgetable

  • Also there's a hidden easter egg of flashing lights in the movie either its christine or It 😂

  • So I been waiting to see this. Hell I was dying. I got to see it yestetday and I was DISAPPOINTED. "Dead is better" shoot the "original is better". It was so freaking slow at the beginning. Everything was just so bad. Like the I recommend saving your money cause this wasn't worth 6 bucks. Maybe it would've been "ok" if i haven't seen the OG but dude.... this was like a huge fail like 2010 A nightmare on Elm St.

  • Finally a movie that will make me uncomfortable and question life itself. Sign me up!!

  • Wait what... I pretty sure it was Gage who died....

  • Black cat=unlcky

  • i watched the movie and i have a question. what was the point of the kids with the mask? they only have one apperance in the movie and just kinda worship the sematary so why make it seem like they are going to play an important role in the movie?

  • 📺

  • I love ❤ it😍

  • I really dig the creepy background music 🐱💀🥀

  • This is not creepy

  • :15 - :32 is about right for the feeling.

  • ANd the ghost is a little cat........

  • stop remaking movies that were already great! is there something wrong with millenials watching movies filmed before 2010?!

    • Pindé™️ this is a movie comparism, not a book one🙄

    • The 1989 great? Lol. It sucked, not even close to the book.

  • “I should never have decided to make a remake of a classic movie that everyone likes and didn’t ask for this remake.” | | | “But you did.”

    • I've never met someone who has said the original is a great classic (because It's a terrible movie) but okay.

  • This might well be the creepiest movie I've ever seen.

    • You haven’t watch a lot of horror movies then. This movie wasn’t scary one bit. Just because one or two jump scares got you, that doesn’t mean that it’s a great horror movie. At best, this was an average film. the music was forgettable. it had an ok plot. the actors were decent(at least ok enough that I didn’t have a problem with them). This movie won’t be anything that will creep out people after the credits roll. 5/10 at best for me, but I rather think it’s a 4/10.

    • You haven’t watch a lot of horror movies then.

  • this movie was fucked up but really good

  • I watched it today .. didn't match with my expectations.. not so scary.. story concept is very good but presentation was not so good!!

  • I never saw the original but I'm definitely watching this

    • You should check out the original.

  • I am actually on chapter 36 on audible. Seems like they adjusted the story.

  • I waited a long time for a remake of my favorite Stephen King movie Pet Sematary The new movie was okay but I wish they would have stuck by the original story. The original movie was way better.

  • eh already looks so different from the book, it’s lost my interest

  • "Everything you know still won't prepare you" that could be because everything has been changed

  • Wonderful adaption, much better than the original. Very pleased Zelda wasn't presented as a monster, she was just a little girl, seriously if not terminally ill and ignored by her parents and Rachel not much older than Ellie at the time left alone to care for her--far too young to be babysitting at all let alone for a seriously ill and neglected sister, no wonder Rachel was so traumatized. Never heard of Jason Clark before but thought his performance was brilliant

  • I don't want to be buried in a pet cemetery🎶🎶 I hope this song appears in the movie

    • It plays in the end credits but it’s not by the Ramones, it’s a cover done by a female group.

  • I'm gonna be honest, the reboot is way better than the original, and do I have to even mention the reboot compared to the dumb sequel? The original is definitely memorable and a classic, but first, the lack of good acting is insane. First of all, Dale Midkiff's performance as Louis Creed is just horrible. It's like he has no emotions at all. Even when Gage gets killed, I feel like he didn't show that much emotion. When Church gets killed, it seems he doesn't even care. Fred Gwynne does do a killer job as Jud though. Also, I think it was better that they killed Ellie instead of Gage in the reboot. She was more creepy and overall, it made sense when she did things. Zombie Gage made no sense. How does a baby get an adult woman up into an attic by himself? Also, Victor not being very comedic in the reboot is way better. In the original, he was sort of just there for comedic relief. In the reboot, he actually had a main purpose. Yeah, the original Victor had a purpose but it was ruined by his comedic relief. I think overall the cast for the reboot does do a way better job. Jason Clarke does a really good job as Louis Creed and he actually seems like he cares for his family, the reboot was way scarier than the original, and with all the new technology it just made the movie better. Some people might disagree with me, but I don't care. This is all my opinion.

  • This trailer is so much better than the others for this movie

  • Really liked the original, is this worth a watch?

    • Yes. I loved the original movie and the book and found this new remake fantastic as well.

    • Definitely and much better than the original

  • Sério que dão um maldito spoiler, nos primeiros cinco segundos de propaganda do GRtorrent, quem teve essa ideia de gênio.

  • Just watched it bang average 🙄

  • 1:02 anarchisms?

  • Absolutely superb loved it & creepy as hell.🎥💯