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Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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  • Tbh this trailer was pretty boring, but the movie was amazing

  • Now have it on DVD!! I had Rick Astley’s album when I was a kid & the cassette was black. Charlie’s line...”this is why you’re here bee” isn’t in the film & when her & Otis are in the beetle that is a deleted scene.

  • The. Movie sucks

  • Atorei o filme

  • morb;o

  • Travis please make transformers 6 don't leave a cliffhanger with the whole unicron theme

  • Bumblebee: The Movie (2018) !!!1984/1987-2018!!!

  • the real transformer film

  • The Shape of Metal

  • Terrible movie.

  • I hope you guys of the paramount pictures, will do Bumblebee 2 with Charlie Watson. I respect your sacrifice and I love your jobs of now and these of the past too. I've seen this movie at least 8 times and I continue to see it'd

  • 1 year ago😭😭

  • 1 año.

  • 2019 anyone?

  • Damn this trailer is now a year old felt like yesterday when this trailer dropped, travis knight you've out done yourself as a director and a transformers fan thank you for this awsome movie

  • One year later anyone

  • 2:09 DANGIT RICKROLLED IN 2019 I am using this trailer to rickroll friends. and send them a link that started at the rickroll moment

  • This is way better then that Bay movies crap

  • 0:56 was the best scene and the music is just amazing make me feel emotional and R.I.P Bernie Mac

  • ♥️

  • This movie was absolutely wonderful!

  • Bumblebee (2018) blu ray $12 www.ebay.com/itm/123768569030?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

  • My girlfriend looks like Hailee Steinfeld in this movie lol!!!......

    • You must be one lucky bastard

  • The

  • Amazing movie tbh

  • What is this fantastic epic music 1:05-2:02? Somebody please!

    • @King Thank you. I found this music already.

    • Chroma music - Jupiter

  • Wow

  • Great movie!A lot of action! 9/10

  • My school show this movie before spring break at their theater and never have I felt everyone including go all excited about the reboot that is better than almost all of the bayformers films (except for the first film and maybe the third movie) and it felt like a summer movie than a film that release around December while watching it and I'm glad they going to reboot the transformers movie franchise with this direction

    • TheDaxter11 yeah that’s what i heard about it

    • Maroon Spider-Man it is a reboot, it was planned to just be a prequel to the first bay film originally if the movie didnt do well, but the movie did amazingly, so they decided theyre going to reboot the series, starting with this film

    • It isn't a reboot, its set 20 years before the first film as stated by Travis Knight, the director, link: news.tfw2005.com/2019/05/02/transformers-bumblebee-movie-director-travis-knight-interview-bringing-bumblebee-to-the-big-screen-387745

  • You know the best part about this movie is they finally learnt how to make transformer movies and the saddest part is it's the lowest grossing transformer film

  • Eu l.am văzut acum 8 luni în cinematograf în Piatra Neamț în 3D

  • Sorry but John Cena ruined it for me... Sombody else should have played that role!

    • you kidding? his character was great and he played that role perfectly

  • Just finish it and was amazing Beautiful phenomenal

  • Fuck Transformers. The dinosaurs one is one of the worst movies I've ever seen

  • This movie was awful. And the mother was a nightmare.

  • Sem tady 5 min zpoždění Verify. srý.

  • Watch here full movie watchmoviestore.com/watch/bumblebee.html

  • Dude just saw the movie......was AMAZING af!!! grew up in the 80s right here in the Bay Area near Santa Cruz and everything in the movie was on point!! the details the nostalgia was AWESOME ....Soundtrack is RAd..

  • I can't believe 18k decepticons disliked this...

  • 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀 Bayformers is Dead 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

  • Kind of fucked up considering the time period is ~1987 and you got government troops with weapons from the future like the M4 which wasn't even approved for government testing until late 1993. And that is a smallest time period mistake with their military weapons.

  • See it now. Its great. Hailee is amazing. Everything is perfection.

    • She is or might be the best main human ever had with Cade yager

  • I have never seen a Transformers movie as good as this. When I walked into the theater, I already knew that Bumblebee was a great character, but I didn’t know ahead. I sat down , and there was Ironhide and Ratchet fighting. I was super glad! But that is not even the beginning. Already, I saw Bumblebee. And the good thing was the movie just didn’t start off with dumb humans. It started off in the middle of action, which I loved, and which didn’t really happen in Michael Bay’s 5 Transformers Movies. And then we saw Agent Jack Burns (by the way he wasn’t an idiot like Bay’s soldiers) and Charlie ( who wasn’t actually used as a sex object like Michael Bay’s actresses). The family-friendly movie is perfect for anyone who wants to start fresh or watch another Transformers movie rather than Michael Bay’s movies. Less explosions, less dirty content, they only curse like 4 times out of the movie, more character development, and strong emotion. In conclusion, I loved this movie and I would really recommend this movie if you want to watch a family friendly, sweet, smooth-running, poignant, and upbeat movie.

  • Clearly an eighties movie !!! I Fully enjoyed, as I am walking already my fourth decade of my life ! The music, the cars, the roads, the technology of my childhood ! Watching this movie I thought I was born again as an 80ties child... A masterpiece ! Thank you Paramount !

  • I,ve seen it, it is indeed a nice,,, try with this, perhaps could work

  • The makers of this movie weren’t aware enough to see this obvious mistake, How the heck did the transformers already have the form of vehicles from earth while on their planet when the first movie on their arrival showed they got it when they came to earth

    • Thats because this film isn't connected to the other movies, its a reboot.

  • This is the first transformers movie I have ever watched and I loved it soo much .. are previous movies as good?

    • It depends, but for I like the first 3 ones but part 4 and 5 were pretty lack luster part 5 bieng the worst one lol

  • Can some one update the full movie pleaae

  • That's funny, I must've blinked. Isn't John Cena supposed to be in this?

  • If you haven't seen the movie yet, i highly recommend you see this one 🐝❤. Made me fall in love with the Transformers again.

  • will see this - I had vw bug quite similar to the one in the movie

  • A masterpiece, Bravo Travis Knight

  • you know why i love this film, cause bring me back to the first transformers film

  • complete trash don't watch

    • @Hamzah Teli lol my guy I never said that you liked the other films I'm just stating the obvious on how this films tops and seems more mature than the other bay films, get you head straight smh

    • @Lil Stankbooty ​Did I say I liked the other films?

    • ​@Dan200 TF Did I say I liked the other films? This movie was made for preschool kids and the older ones were made for horny highschoolers

    • Sorry this film didn't have orgasmic explosions like the other shit films did

    • @Hamzah Teli well many people seem to love the dynamic the human characters have in this film, far better that Sam screaming his ass off across a battlefield and fucking awkward conversations about masturbating

  • Driver dont pick the car car pick the driver it's a mystical bond between man and machine

  • فلم روعة 😍❤

  • yeah.. another garbage

  • American Fantasy lol

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  • Transformers next part coming or not

    • @Praveen Vanilla TF6 is coming as well as Bumblebee 2, but it isn't specified by Paramount

    • @Dan200 TF 6part when is coming

    • @Praveen Vanilla well transformers 6 or 7 what ever you wanna call is cancelled making Bumblebee a reboot

    • @Dan200 TF yes

    • Which transformers, bayformers?

  • BUMBLEBEE FULL MOVIE NO LINKS grtorrent.info/watch/KciynJeCQKJtwdU.html

  • Make no sense, this movie does. Robot does not fit into WV. End of story.

  • The trailer has a great music score! Does anyone here knows the title of the track?

    • @Dan200 TF thanks a lot....i was searching for it 😉

    • Chromia music Jupiter

  • Super

  • Través Knight dirigió mejor está serie de películas, muy buena

  • get this movie free: alliersoft.fr/index.php/9-accueil/1-test-movie-streaming-bumblebee

  • The trailer is actually better then the movie... I'm so sad now expected alot of this. It was like the Notebook between robots and humans what a romantic drama.

  • Just go watch movies about Herbie. That's the real deal. ;)

  • wtf that name Transformers not Bumblebee 2007

  • 0:43 how it is when a female touches me


  • Is Reebot 😏

  • I love BUMBLE BEETLE!!


  • quite honestly, the movie is awesome but this trailer really tops it all, including other trailers. Love the soundtrack theme in this trailer!


  • hi uh can you guys make top cat meets the eggs trailer in 2D and 3D with warner bros illusion studios kfc gi grupo huevocartoon office max and anima estudios please that trailer

  • This movie has changed everything. And I owe it all to Mr. Travis Knight!

  • 💛 🐝 I do not have words for this movie is a work of art, I laugh I will be sad and I cried so much and even snot of nose, this film is very human a very strong bond between Charlie and Bumblebee, Bumblebee is the autobot that I like more and love the Transformers saga, thank you Paramount Pictures for this movie this yes the essence of transformers note 10! 💛 🐝 💯

  • Who’s watching after the movie

    • Me I just love watching this trailer and I remembered how freaking hype I was ahhh the memories

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  • guys why is there a military uniform just floating in one shot

  • por que un WV ? es por que se les terminó el contrato con chevrolet

  • Chic flick

  • i dont want to see this. i don't wanna see bee getting hurt 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • I’ve seen after school specials better than this... it was agonizing and so incredible bad.. make sure you watch my drum covers there better i assure you.. and you won’t have to waste a lot if time with this crap

  • Who's here after learning that Bumblebee made Bayformers no longer cannon? Thank you Travis Knight. For erasing those awful movies from existence!

  • Its official people Bumblebee is a reboot!!!!

  • This movie was so much better than the Michael Bay films.

  • Honestly, the music was too much for me.

  • This movie was just so amazing I love it

  • Man I show this to my nephew max and he stared to love bumblebee and the rest of the autobot I will never forget the moment he love the transformers

  • Bernie Mac's voice in the beginning from Transformers 1. RIP Bernie. Glad they used your voice for this trailer, since you were the first person to introduce Bumble Bee.

  • This one has to be the dumbest of all Transformers movies.

  • 1:51 when u thought it was starscream but its atcually not

  • Remember That L Travis gave us by saying it's Blitzwing

    • That shit hurted

  • IMHO it was crap! Worst Transformers movie ever.

    • I respect your opinion but saying its the worst transformers film seems hella farfetched considering this film has heart and the classic transformer designs. The one that most def is the worst is the last knight

    • Edgardo ha..no

  • Heart and Soul. grtorrent.info/watch/Kg1sI07pQnFvLGA.html

  • I saw the movie