Remembering Etika: YouTubers React to His Death | E! News

James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
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Remembering Etika: GRtorrentrs React to His Death | E! News


  • The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    • RIP

    • F

    • @Icynibba WTF?! Death is not entertainment!! It's informative dgrxihrhyfhwgedtdyg j

    • Good on you, well done ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it’s a really sad time

    • Purg don’t worry I’ve already acquired His address and real name and he will be dead in less than 19 hours. Icynibba if your reading this enjoy the last 19 hours of your life here on this shithole

  • Alot of idiots mad this video is monetized... When you watch television, there are commercials. The program you watch recieves money from those ads just the same. E News! is a business. It's their job to report on news. We all get money when we do our jobs..

  • 1:19

  • Illuminati confirmed.

  • He was such a genuinely nice guy and to out a t such a young age is just depressing.May he rest in peace

  • Rest in peace... You will forever be remembered.....

  • All of this happened for the Venus project.

  • Does anyone else find it very Inappropriate that they deleted his GRtorrent channel?

  • I am in his place rn . It’s tough dealing with it all and just ending it all would be great but my homies and mum would be sad

  • Rest In peace

  • w8 w8 w8 w8 X died june 18 Etika died june 19 hhhmmmmmm?????????????????? Rest in peace x and etika🙏

  • R.I.P to young king Etika

  • This is how many people that will remember Etika 🔽

  • I don’t know who he is...

  • I was just watching his videos yesterday. That's crazy.

  • I love the up beat music!

  • I don't know who he is but sad he died If you can explain to me who he is please.. I wanna know

  • More exploiting dead people for views!!!!

  • So Uhm what exactly is so wrong with running ads on a video like this? I mean it's sad and all but it's not as if making money off of this is gonna change anything. If you have a problem with the video itself that's one thing but I don't see how ads are gonna change what they're saying. That stupid video Jake/Logan (I can't tell the difference) made on the other hand is a different story. Anyone with common sense could see the insincerity and lack of respect. I mean do news reporters not deserve to be paid for their work on TV? Where do we draw the line? I'm genuinely curious.

  • Stop giving this guy sympathy lmao, he was a future mass murderer. One less anime-watching closet pedophile/serial killer to worry about.

  • i didn't know Etika, but i'm still heartbroken to hear about his death. Rest in Peace.

  • さよならガイル

  • R I P EDIKA 😢😭 plz

  • Am I having a nightmare or is this real!?

  • He will always be loved in our hearts

  • So sad .

  • Rest up & may peace be with you always ✨🌌

  • lol he dead

  • 😭 watched all his vids rip bro ❤️

  • Not only won’t he get a chance to use Banjo, he won’t see the entire smash roster either! F F F

  • f

  • Once this dies down they will eventually put the ads back on secretly agaisnt everyones wishes. This is why I dislike youtube pages like this that just do it for the clout and money.

  • I don't feel it's appropriate to document this as people's reactions. It isn't inaccurate technically, but Etika was an influential guy, it's only been like a day, and death is a hard thing to process. Views are views, watch time is watch time, but I don't think you can accurately gauge people's reactions to something like this in a day

  • R.I.P for Etika, it didn’t have to end this way... Once we were on the deep web with Etika and then it all of a sudden he’s just gone. He was battling depression and mental health issues and then it lead to suicide. I didn’t even know him until my brother showed me his videos and I thought it was really funny. Knowing that he’s gone now just makes me heartbroken-he was a good and funny person. He also apologized for the bad things he’s done but he didn’t have too. He had lots of supporters, fans, loved ones that he didn’t even know of. We all love you💖💔💝😔

  • You guys are just using Etika's death for attention

  • The hell kind of title is that, and wtf is with the ads

  • *God Bless Everyone Who Reads This Comment, with excellent health and longevity.* 🙏💰😇❤

  • 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈party rockin in the house tonight everybody just have a good time 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • This man wont be able to watch all the anime. Im so Sad Bruh. Rest Well Desmond. ( R.I.P ETIKA. )

  • Who cares about watching an ad. Imagine if the news was started in youtube. The news would die because of no budget.

  • Okay. This is sick. Sure it may be in the light of recent events to remember him, but you guys didn't have adblock on when you uploaded this. I feel like you were trying to bait people into watching to see what you had to say to get money off of it, huh? Well, that's just sick. Let his family and friends grieve, instead of posting a video NOT EVEN A DAY after his body was found about GRtorrentr's reactions to this. Honestly, this is just so sick and twisted, his family needs time to go back to normal.

  • Negros can’t swim. Something is fishy.

  • :(

  • Hope you don't milk this for money.....


  • GRtorrentrs react to his death , please change this title its tasteless

  • R.I.P Etika May you rest peacefully 🙏....

  • His “fans” really let him down .

  • R.i.p 🙏🏻💕

  • K1ll y0urself

  • So basically he killed himself because some people said stuff to him he didn’t like? He had a healthy body? All four limbs, he had money, he had family, he lived in a safe country with no wars, he had food, he had job. But he killed himself thinking there was nothing to live for? This is what I life without god/allah breeds. You become blind to all the blessings you have and concentrate on 1 issue of your life.

  • Hb he alive 💀

  • Didnt He just go missing and not die?

  • Oh no no no

  • 😢

  • Who

  • Rip 😥

  • Goodbye my friend it was nice to see you and your community grow and it is sad news for all 🤜❤️

  • I just started watching him react to idubbbz videos and he seemed like a genuine and well spoken person rip man I wish nothing but the best

  • Lol

  • Out of all of this stuff I got going for me,my own family wanna put me down.what if I put down my whole family,what if I'm next

  • I wish you had jaystation on here and ask him did you milk his death for money


  • Clownfaces kill man

  • Rip Etika :(



  • I've never heard his name before this My condolences to his family May he rest in peace

  • June 19 is my birthday O_O

  • WHO?

  • Are you guys actually getting money off of his death? The hell's wrong with you.

  • Why did he kill himself

  • what in the world??? i didnt know this had happened ... last i saw of him he was getting taken out of some apartments in a bed he seemed distressed i felt bad i am shocked this happened though

  • F

  • he was with us a week ago now he is gone rip

  • Ohhhh James Charles had a crush

  • Its good of GRtorrent to put this on trending, ima miss Etika forever

  • I don’t not care... haha 😂💯💯

    • C'mon, man. You can be better than that. Also, check your spelling.

  • デルタルーンの実況で「Saaans⁉️」と叫んだ所や、Switch版スマブラのあの時のリアクションが大好きでした。 彼は日本の方々からも沢山の人気を誇っています。 しかし、鬱病とプレッシャーに苦しめられて自殺した事を知り、私は彼の鬱に気付いてあげられなくて悔しく悲しい気持ちになりました。 大げさなリアクションでみんなを頑張って楽しませてくれてありがとう。 ご冥福をお祈りします。

  • Etika was an amazing person, he will be missed by fans, family, and friends. Anyone who will ever end their lives will be missed, Cory is right when he said that. Every single person is important, and leaving behind your life will dramatically change other lives. You can get help before it is too late, you don't need to talk to some random person on a suicide helpline, but you need to talk to someone, anyone, your family, friends, your school counselor, a doctor, and yes, a suicide helpline. You can talk to anyone, I know that can be hard, but once you do you won't regret it in your future, you will be happy, and anyone you know or ever will know will be happy too, I will be happy too. Even if one person takes this comment on a random video to heart, I will be happy. I care about you, so does everyone else you know.

  • Rest in peace Etika 💔✌️

  • I am punching walls with tears streaming down my face.. WTF??????

  • Who?

    • Wow

    • Really?..

  • Rip

  • 0:55 omg that made me cry 😭💔

  • Let’s just hope he’s playing Smash in heaven with Iwata.

  • I really hope Cobanermani456 is okay after all this. He was Etika's best friend. Rest in peace Etika.

  • One down, 50 million more to go.

  • Imagine hiding the like ratio

  • F

  • R.I.P Etika, you’ve made me and other people, laugh, smile, and enjoy the amazing content you’ve made. I may not of watched you early on, but i always liked watching your videos, like reacting to Nintendo Directs, memes, etc. You’ve made everyone happy, and I hope you’re in a better place, full with joy. ❤️❤️

  • F


  • He throws up the bhapomet hand sign and the 666 over his eye. Hmmmmm? Always the satanic ritual abuse ones get sacriificed. I wonder who sold him in exchange for their own fame?

  • TRUMP 2020!

    • Not bashing you for political beliefs. Just realise that people don't really care to hear campaign endorsements when they're mourning.

    • @Slick Rock I hope you realise in the future how much of a shitty person you are. Change yourself for the better bro.

    • There is a better place and time for that. Not here, not now.

    • @GT TRUMP 2020!

    • You are going to hell

  • Yo WTF???? I've never been so shocked in my life. WTF??? R.I.P my brother Etika. Much love from Australia.

  • R.I.P etika I wanted to m eet etika and it's truly heart breaking that it came to us Social media consumed his life. National suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255 Please call if you are feeling what etika was going through I don't want this to happen to anyone else

  • What kind of title is this. Using someone's death for views

  • He's burning in Hell!!!!! suicide is a sin condemned by god LOL.

  • What’s his channel and how many subs