Victory for Hong Kong’s Protesters, a Huge Cocaine Bust & Trump's Tampa Rally | The Daily Show

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 22 Ιούν 2019
Protesters in Hong Kong score a major win against China, federal agents conduct an enormous drug bust, and President Trump kicks off his 2020 campaign.
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  • Love Trevor Noah, his jokes are always fresh and intelligent. South Africans are proud 🇿🇦

  • “Hey patrón let’s just put all the containers in the same ship, what’s the worst that could happen”

  • I love trump,Trump 2020

  • We should have rallies here in support of Democracy. Are there not women being oppressed in Hong Kong?????

  • Trump is so fucking stupid ..😂😂😂

  • Anyone got any idea about how "1/3 of the population, 2M people go onto the street" looks like? asuume the street is ~100 feet wide, each people takes 4 feet^2 - which has been extremely corwded - then 2m people will take 15miles. in HK, 15miles means you can go all the way from wild reservation in the north, across the urban area, to the sea, then turn back to the Victoria port; or run a circle around the whole urban area of HK. BTW, the whole route of protest is 2miles long. 1/3 of people go protesting also means half of the workers are away from their job. Sometimes there isn't serious consequence, like students, teachers, bus drivers, waiters. but think about half of the doctors and nurses are away from the hospital? half of the firefighters and polices stop listening to alarms? feels like I'm loonking at a real version of Gotham City. PLZ, use your middle school knowledge and feel how ridiculous these numbers are. Don't behave like those who are brain-washed and permanently lose their independent thinking ability.

    • ZhuYifan 明白人

  • dont spread fake news the extradition law is not just to China but other countries as well. Criminals roam free in Hongkong

  • HK becomes a criminal heaven and sh*thole place. Thanks to these "protestors" and their supporters.

  • Why would they bring the drugs across the southern border and then stash them in a ported boat?

  • So the government destroyed the billion dollars worth of cocaine right? Get that bad stuff off the streets.... or... Not much will be different. Just go through a detour before it finally hits the streets.


  • After the violencen what they did to HK‘s parliament, "Victory" become "fail".

  • That's just an outlet to criminals, now if they commit a crime in mainland China they can flee to Hong Kong

  • seeing the speech *mouth wide open* is it 2016 again?????

  • Thanks Trevor for bringing the HK protest up

  • That's not a protest, that's a riots. YOU MUST HAVEN'T SEEN THOSE SO-CALLED PROTESTERS THROW BRICKS TO THE POLICE, STAB POLICE'S EYES WITH MEDAL STICK. THEY FORCE THE POCLUCE TO FIGHT BACK AND HOLDING TENS OF CAMERAS CLOSE TO POLICEMEN'S FACES TO RECORD ANY ACTION THEY WOULD TAKE. If you call that a protest, and also support this, then I have nothing to say. Gold bless you fucking idoit. Wish this protests happen everyday in your state. One day you will be hit by the BRICK and stabbed into your eyes.

  • If we only had the wall those drugs wouldn't cross the border, oh wait they brought them by ship. Lol

  • You know nothing about the whole story of the Hongkong protest~what about the girl got murdered in Taiwan by her boyfriend?

  • Hong Kong protesters are a bunch of losers

  • This gringos still want to build a wall 😂

  • Echo... ECHO... ECHO!!!! Eho EHO EHO

  • 傻逼

  • You are so lucky to have Trump,really. He is so fuuny

  • Let's bring these protestors to America and have them invade congress, see how many will be killed by real bullets. We have plenty of that.

    • U think HK don't have bullets but their police respect their citizens unlike some other country's police coughs*USA*coughs

  • Lolololol

  • U great man

  • I hope you would make an episode about China's oppression on Uyghur Muslims and be the voice of oppressed...Please. ..If you do, it might make big difference, because you have got so many followers, millions likes you. The difference that you can do in five minutes might take me a life. ..or even more. ..Please help us in a way that you can do.

  • Nope all lies! More protests set for this weekend after they hung the U.K. flag on July 1st spitting in China's face baaahahahahaha fuck the CCP

  • Hi, 梁宵。Monolinguals won't understand you. No point in sharing it here.

  • 香港人口740万,警方说30万人游行,台湾地区的媒体说百万,他们自称两百万,美国人说三分之一的香港人。可笑的是大家都说自己说的是真的。美国要是少管点闲事不至于混成今天这样

  • yes, victory, and

  • Build a wall blocking the ocean? It would not surprise me if Donal Trump would think this is a good idea.

  • the protesters are totally idiots. fuck them.

  • this guy is an imbecile

  • Trevor was good as a comedian. As a political commentator he just sucks.


  • Trevor's expression after that trump segment is gold

  • Never an immediate result in the capitalized west Because your governments treat people as they were sheep. And Hong Kong is China’s preferred son.

  • Trump is great! KAG!

  • He's a robot... now we got prove :D

  • So basically Tiananmen Square was never really over. The Chinese Government wants to live in the 19th (and back) Centuries when they had "Empires", but the people want to live in the 21st. That's really depressing - (of the Gov't I mean.) Also - trump 2020: Forever stuck in a Time Loop to the past.

  • Even trevor Noah used a Mexican accent when he was talking about the drug bust who is the real racist why do you have to use a Mexican voice

  • Have you read through the bill?

  • T N,you are disgusted.瞎逼逼啥

    • 反正他们也不在乎嘛,我们过好自己的就好,他们不瞎逼逼说明我们同流合污了,让他们逼逼吧,反正这帮傻叉的样子我们太清楚了,630油管咋又集体闭嘴了呢,一帮伪善的东西,两百年来没变过。

    • 不要伤害中国人民的感情。

  • Wow HK...wowTrump

  • Actually after watching Trump's speeches on your show I realized why in India we are taught that to become the President, member shouldn't be of unsound mind 😌😌

  • 🏅🏅🏅🏅

  • When I saw the trumps I was like "Ah shit... Here we go again..."

  • democracy!

  • Porn became mainstream to pacify the masses and quell the population and cause a riff between us. But it sure does make me happy on years of lonely nights...