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  • Bastards are fast

  • (mild spoiler alert) At the beginning the boy said (signed) that the rocket is their way out, well, it kinda is.

  • What happens next

  • I didn’t expect this part I almost went into cardiac arrest

  • Sa this movie 2 hours ago. This scene ia ao heartbreaking. The movie itself is a great horror flick! I loved it. It was something new and it had me on the edge of my seat all the time. I highly recommend this movie! It was awsome.

  • Darwin Award #1!!!!!!!!Sorry, but that idiot kid DESERVED to die! U grow up ur whole life knowing u hafta b totally quiet forever or a monster kills you, but then u turn on a loud toy??? And worse, doesn't immediately realize his mistake and throw it, but just keep playing with it&flying it around???? Sorry, but u NEED to die! Btw, that toy noise hurt MY ears, and I'm used to loud noises....that kid, who just about never hears a sound, doesn't drop/throw it out of pain/horror? Yeah right

    • HAHAHAHA sure good buddy. 1st of all, calm down and collect ur thoughts before you write, cause you stopped making sense there for a minute, best bud. 2nd of all, yes, any 4year old in his situation would ABSOLUTELY know the deal. I'm sure he's seen the monsters, even if not in person, but it shouldn't matter that he's seen them or not, just how terrified everyone is of them. Do u really know anyone that KNOW they'll die if they TALK, but NOT by making a crapload of noise with a machine that they already had the batteries taken away from, explaining it's not safe, so then got the batteries back to use(Total liability! "Look at the flowers, little boy with loud toy"), OR that don't know at the very least that death is a horrible thing, whatever it is. Or at LEAST that doesn't understand "monster will get you", which is as bad as possible for all kids...babies are afraid of monsters! ...but WHO CARES, its a movie good friend, calm down, he's not dead, or even hurt, I PROMISE! ALSO, calm down in general pal o' mine, ur obviously a very angry person, it's just a stupid GRtorrent comment from an idiot, right? IM being stupid for even responding to one of you that gets offended by any stupid little thing and then starts trouble by attacking a real person(instead of a fake movie character). I know I'm ALSO stupid for thinking I have the right to make a comment on some idiot little fake character in a movie, without getting verbally assaulted for it! But hey, at least IM not so stupid to go around picking fights with people online for no reason at all! OR even as stupid as some dumbass kid who got killed for making loud noises! (Shhhhhh, relax, it's just a movie, remember?) Anyway, I hope u stop getting so hot and bothered about what idiots like me say about nonsense online, that doesn't affect you, or anyone at all. I promise you'll be a happier more relaxed person as a whole, bosom buddy of mine!

    • Andrew Paige hey m8 I have a fucking fact for u, u don’t know everything so stfu the movie takes place 87 days after it starts use ur fucking mind if they were born there they’d be dead plus he never seen a monster and is only four

  • Just saw the movie and yeah, they go there FAST.

  • The boy does die, in what seems to be a very brutal fashion I've seen the movie it was honestly a pretty intense scene

    • Andrew Paige They don't necessarily see humans as a threat just when they crash landed they certainly did not like all the noise humans were producing they in fact are conscious due to the fact that they created their own armor but they have no clue what humans are they ownly see the noise as a threat because it hurts them

    • Lol well if they STEPPED ON a person, the person would probably make a noise THEN, if they could! Let's say a blind&mute person who "sees" by touching, starts getting touchy-touchy to an alien(but not in any aggressive seeming way like not grabbing at face, or anything remotely threatening), but without making a sound? I guess that could still be like an attack to something that doesn't really think(do we actually know that these things DONT have any real consciousness?). I guess a better example of what I'm wondering is if one sat down against a person and they felt the person move slightly. If they would still kill anything that is alive? Are they subconsciously programmed to/do they just consider all life a threat, or just things that show potential threat. This is all of course going on the basis that they don't eat or have any other use for organisms bodies. With all the thousands of bodies that should be littered everywhere missing, that's still up in the air for me. I mean, they've got a pretty intense mouth/teeth situation going on, which sure aren't just for looking pretty. I guess these are all things only the guy who thought up the aliens and their unbelievably ridiculous nonsensical origin/back story, could answer.

    • Andrew Paige. No I don't believe so they certainly know humans (what they consider life) as potentital threats possibly but I don't think they're conscious enough to realize they've stepped on a human if you have any more questions im open to hear them

    • I wonder if they would kill a person who isn't making any noise?!? They only find people beCAUSE they make noise, so I guess it never came up, but I wonder if they just happened to brush past people unconscious, or just mute, who weren't even causing anything ELSE to make noise. I'd imagine if someone mute was next to a radio, if they noticed the person, they'd probably blame the sound on them and still take it out on them, but if they weren't drawn by sound, and just came across in silence......?

    • Well yeah, I guess they don't want to show a bunch of mangled bodies everywhere if it's not an R movie(HOW THE HELL IS IT NOT R???? This would've been TRIPLE R back when I was a kid in the 90's!!!!!), but they still really should explain WHY the bodies aren't there, in movie canon, not just "cause it's not R", so they're definitely doing SOMETHING with all the remains. People wouldn't risk getting killed just to try to bury tons of bodies. I hadn't heard they were destroying electronics and NON-living noisy things, I guess that kinda sinches it, then lol. Did it destroy the toy space shuttle that the kid had, when it killed him?

  • as soon as the Family saw him making that noise, they KNEW FOR A FACT, that he was Fucked.

    • It was at that moment that he knew he fucked up

  • lol just watched this in theaters....rip my mans

  • Why would the kid do this? Obviously he knows he cant make a noise or he will die, he looks old enough to grasp this. Is he committing suicide

    • He’s freaking four what hell lem

    • He's deaf

    • Kid didn’t deserve to die, he was four for fucks sakes. Sure, he was a little thick, but come on man.

    • That's okay. Children at that age are naturally stupid and retarded in the head. He deserved to die.

    • Ruby Night the boy is fucking 4 years old. He doesn't know what death even is he just wanted to play with a damn rocket.

  • Center fun off accuse switch prime mild aim alleged environmental locate.

  • I don’t think that’s their kid

    • Exactly have you even seen the movie

    • Then whose is it?

  • Seems like horror movies these days aren't hesitant in killing off little boys. Just ask Georgie from It.

  • I'm pretty sure they cut the scene a millisecond before the kid gets 3 pieced without a biscuit... In other words RIP

    • He is 3!!!!!

    • Kid was a little thick, that doesn’t mean he deserved to be dragged off by a terrifying monster into the woods.

    • Kid deserved it.

  • This looks amazing

  • Wow, this could be the best independent 45 seconds short film ever!

  • If you pause at the right time at 0:35 you can kind of see the monster

  • seems like a really crappy place to live, just get out of their. (i know, im sure they explain why they cant leave in the movie)

    • If u forgot you can’t make noise if u left it would be by plane or boat or swimming or ok let shorten it u make noise you die

    • yeah, i saw the movie a few days ago. (thought that it was really good)

    • Well the problem with that is these aliens are everywhere

    • I'm* sure that your* one subscriber enjoyed that comment.

    • lol, this is a freaking highlighted reply. anyway, still in school, graduating soon though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Why did he keep on playing with the toy if it made so much noise!

    • The kid is like 3 or 4 he dosent know any better

    • Andrew Paige 😂😂😂 I can see where your coming from after watching the film the dad takes the batteries out and switches the toy off only for the kid to reclaim the toy as his own and put the batteries back in so I think what I'm trying to say is I can totally see where your coming from 😂

    • lol exactly! Well, obviously I'm under the opinion that the kids an idiot and deserved what he got....at least it was probably painless! but yeah, that person getting all pissy about it...its one thing to agree/disagree with someone, but it's SO annoying and unecessary when someone gets like THAT about it.....being dumb AND a jerk! Phooey!

    • Andrew Paige as I said to the previous guy who had a rant on this comment and I quote... don't get your fucking knickers in a twist at the end of the day it's a film... she just made an observation okay step away from the computer take a chill pill and calm the fuck down 😂😂😂 Jesus Christ on a pancake there's so many touchy people on here

    • Darwin Award #1!!!!!!!!Sorry, but that idiot kid DESERVED to die! U grow up ur whole life knowing u hafta b totally quiet forever or a monster kills you, but then u turn on a loud toy??? And worse, doesn't immediately realize his mistake and throw it, but just keep playing with it&flying it around???? Sorry, but u NEED to die! And yes, kids do understand seriousness! Even if it's not "death" per se, he knows a terrifying monster will "get him", so that's a child's equivalent death-fear. Hell, even if a kid thought they were just gonna get GROUNDED, they would've thrown the toy lol! Btw, that toy noise hurt MY ears, and I'm used to loud noises....that kid, who just about never hears a sound, doesn't drop/throw it out of pain/horror?

  • Damn it Dwight!!! You took it too far!!!!

  • Come on! Why would you even put batteries in that thing?

    • D33Y4 no he’s not. In videos explaining the movie we are told he’s their son. The kid died which is why he is not in any of the trailers and this is the beginning of the movie to show how much this family had grown apart.

    • Flaneur You might’ve seen it by now, but it’s explained.

    • Secret, the older sister is not the sole fuck up.

    • He found it at the beginning of the film, parents told him to put it back as it's too loud but his moron sister (who is the sole fuck-up in that film) gave it back to him (without the batteries), and he picked the batteries up himself. They seem to be very trustworthy of this kid, and considering the situation, I would have made sure to have walked him out the store without it. Great film but with a bunch of scenes that make you think "really?"

    • Kid was asking for it. He deserved to die.

  • India me in kabhi release hoga

    • Anoo Hemandas No fuck off go watch shitty Bollywood movies we don't need you guys shitting all over the movie theatres

  • Is that Dwight Schrute's farm?

  • I want to watch this now :(


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  • That boy is gonna die...and that's a fact

    • He is dead i have seen the movie

    • the karnige I know I seen it. Nice try trying to spoil it

    • For a change, it's the dumb kid the one that dies first

    • the other trailers show that the couple only has 2 kids, this kid apparently does not know they're supposed to be playing the never-ending quiet game, probably an orphan they picked up. So yeah, kid is gonna die.

  • Husband and wife playing husband and wife. That's cute. Other then that I'm phyched about this movie

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    • than* psyched*

  • Omg Jim

  • K