'Somebody's lying!’ - Stephen A. reacts to Iguodala’s Warriors comments | First Take

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 26 Ιούν 2019
Stephen A. Smith reacts to Andre Iguodala's comments about how the Golden State Warriors handled his injury last season.
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  • 4:11 to 4:18. Enough said

  • Am just saying, still not going to make players not want to play with GSW. they will just get a second opinion now that they know their doctors dont know how to diagnose injury

  • Damn Molly...hate.. do you miss Laver Ball?? Lmao.. shit was wrong move on...

  • At this point I don't even know why molly is there it should be will sas and max I'm tired of her

  • "The calf bone is connected to the Achilles bone!" Possibly the dumbest statement I've ever heard. Children know that's incorrect how are you on the air

  • Y’all hate Molly so much yall want Lavar back. Damn that’s some hate. Shiiiiiiid y’all hated him when he was on tv everyday.

  • I thought something was weird about KD's injury

  • 4:13-4:18 " The Calf bone is connected to the the Achilles bone" WHAT?...................Last time I checked The calf is a muscle and the achilles is a tendon.

  • Kawhi is out here taking too many W's right now. Never forget 95% of people were talking mad stuff when he sat out with his misdiagnosed injury.

  • Where the Warriors fans at? Great organization you got there. lmfao

  • Skip & Shannon > First Take (after the Lavar Ban)

  • i just dont see why they were so desperate to win and put so many people at risk they already were champs many times

  • Molly says he’s made millions.... woman when you venture into a new situation you crest the smoke and let the sales make the fire. She’s commentator dumb

  • I wish they’d replace molly

  • Why is Stephen A. Always protecting the warriors? Here’s another player not happy with staff diagnosis. Come on man!

  • oh molly -_- *sigh

  • Why did Stephen A make it sound like Andre was about to get murdered in the beginning

  • Molly should go to a cooking show instead

  • SOMEBODY'S LYING! Sounds like my parents trying to decide whose as they will whoop

  • Molly, had a point???

  • Shouldn't of done that.

  • I've yet to be told what purpose Molly serves...like. seriously I need an answer at least

  • Are we going to address the fact that fact that they were saying calf bone... um pretty sure it isn't a bone but whatever

  • Molly shut up

  • Molly the Snake 🐍

  • Who cares!

  • Molly is there thinking... what am I doing here? Fuckit I'm getting paid but this job is blah

  • I just come to watch y'all roast Molly in the comments section😂😂🤣

  • ive never been so happy to see stephen a back man 😭

  • I'm not a doctor...! "The calf bone is connected to the Achilles bone" -Max 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I only like Molly at concerts and raves.

  • They lied to KD and lied to Iggy. I don't know how this is hard for Stephen A. THEY LYING TO YOU TOO!!!!!

  • Gsw team doctors gambled to lie...because they need kd on the court to win the series...

  • why the this nigga stephen always screaming like a wild ass negro

  • I rarely comment on anything ever This is the best "first take" I ever saw

  • Why TF is this douche yelling

  • Max = Moron

  • Now you think that man have to act like that because somebody lying

  • Why would he lie Steph a shut up

  • fuck max kellerman

  • #2 Trending y’all! 😮😮😮

  • molly needs to stop switching gears.

  • I feel like Stephen A Smith tries to play both sides

  • Yall don't understand how good this makes Kawhi look And how bad this makes The Spurs organization and Skip Bayless look

  • Guess thats why he declined opt to be a free agent

  • Molly: h- Unborn baby: you’re wrong, here’s why

  • Slow your rolls Stephen! Sick and tired of your loud and stinky mouth! Stop yelling idiot!

  • I wish i could get their opinions without all the theatre.

  • Can yall sub to me and my bestie channel....and we will do the same to yours!!! Please and thank you 😊❤We are trying to reach 100 subs or more before school starts.

  • Molly: He's made billions of dollars in the NBA. No current NBA player has made billions, Jesus Molly you sound dumb.

  • I have been saying this whole thing was a lie and it is. Ain't shit wrong with Kevin Durant. Nothing.... Just watch, they are going to be like: he is coming back way before time... It's a miracle... Just watch. The NBA is fake as hell from top to bottom.

  • Iggy always look hurt so ofcourse he telling the truth

  • #2 on trending street


  • You dont sit out playoff games for a calf strain. They had concerns that it was an Achilles injury. Could have even been a partial Achilles injury.

  • Man why I thought that was Rick Ross the whole time

  • franchise exposed. Wow

  • Anyone know when Mollys contract end?

  • How is this guy still on TV? Can't they find anyone else who doesn't scream.

  • Iggy's book gon sell for sure. I'm not saying his lying but to say there's no incentive ? 😏 Common man. I don't even believe the warriors would be mad at him for this. Everything keeps going on as usual

  • Iggy been a 🐀 since he ratted on the Nuggets game plan vs the Warriors when he played for em. Fuck iggy


  • All Iggy got to do is show his x-rays and this discussion will be over. Proof is in the pudding. Also what idiot plays with a fracture it takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal and in the leg, he should've had a cast or something. But I just want to see the pudding.


  • Keep screaming Stephen A. nobody cares what you have to say.

  • Poor molly 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️she be so off topic if bruh gone make a book then who gives a damn that’s not the point of the topic

  • 6:50 bro that bol is retarded. U can’t say for sure that an injury cannot occur. Anything could happen

  • Do they normally scream on this show? Or is my volume on my phone too loud. I

  • Is molly a mediator or a debater? I thought she wasn’t supposed to give her own opinion. Just saying

  • Steven a smith......enough of the bluster already!

  • Lol...calf bone connected to the Achilles bone 😏😏 bOy If YoU dOn'T !

  • Molly: Can I switch gears for just a second? Lavar: You can switch gears with me anytime. Me: 0:23

  • KD had fake friends in the warriors organisation. that's why he should've had a second opinion

  • Steven A always lying

  • None of these talking heads have any inside sources.

  • I just wanna switch gears with Molly.

  • Max has been making some accurate predictions lately

  • Iggy been a weird dude for a while just sayin

  • Stephen a smith is the biggest jackass I’ve ever seen

  • I'm loving the chaos GS is going through...fuck em

  • Please for the love of god get a better mediator..

  • Molly is simply not fit to speak on this sports show. No offense. She ps fourth effort but the fit is just not there. I blame the show's producers. They should know, by now, how Molly would fit in better and work it out.

  • I wish one of them would tell Molly to shut the hell up!

  • Molly needs get gang banged by SAS, Max and Lavar Ball while Jalen watches doing the Birdman hand rub.

  • Molly is a walking L

  • No player gets 1 opinion. If anyone thinks kd didn’t see who he wanted is a fool.

  • Lavar didn’t mean it that way, Molly is annoying

  • Molly talks too much!!

  • I’m only here for the Molly’s comments.

  • Why is Molly so annoying ?!?!

  • Teams lie about injuries all the time! They just don't get exsposed like now!iggy has nothing to loose in exsposeing the warriors about injuries!more players are going to start speaking out!

  • Poor molly. I hope she doesn't read the comments on these GRtorrent vids

  • 5:02 lol 😆

  • 6:59 cut this segment out of your unloads. your videos will lose 230 lbs

  • Max Kellerman: igWoudala

  • Gosh molly sure looks like 💩 today...and every day

  • Molly dont even know wtf she talking about fuck her white girl ass

  • Iggy should have kept his moth shut. This is the type of stuff that’ll mess up your 💰

  • That’s why Kwai went to his own doctor when he was a spur

  • Stephen A Smith had to put on the cape and save Molly again