HILARIOUS SIGNS That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 6 Ιούν 2019
HILARIOUS SIGNS That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to HILARIOUS SIGNS That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At
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  • wow:O

  • hey 👋🏼 AZZY want to hear and don’t say bad words song no no no don’t say bad words no no no don’t say a bad word no no no don’t say a bad word well well well you said a bad word you said a bad word you’re going in jail now don’t know no don’t say a bad word now now now don’t say a bad word I don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t know then you said a bad word so that means you’re going to jail

  • I didn't laugh at all

  • The pooping horse

  • I have a horse named jessi

  • Yes

  • 2:36 *U N D E R W A T E R* *S M O K I N G*

  • If you buy a beer for the price of two and get another beer you are getting two beers for the price of two?

  • Um azzy it literally says fall off cliff carefully lolol

  • Azzy :l scream you scream we dream for ice-cream

  • the arby's one is probably someone thinking that drive-thru means drive through building

  • Well that sign for the Minnesota just made me want to do something even tho I’m to young too

  • I do the watermelon meme any time in see a watermelon!😂

  • I can sleep standing up

  • 1. They parked inside because it had a DRIVE THROUGH 2. Why not?

  • Stop swearing I’m 8

  • The sign says “careful not to fall down the cliff.” I is Chinese.

  • Your my numbur one youtuber

  • Azzy Do you know Red Velvet?

  • Scream until daddy stops the car? You got it, Azzy!

  • *Lol, the catscan joke u laughed at sounded funny (cuz u edited it)*

  • i love grape seeds

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • AA! AAA! AAAA! Dsdseerse4dseresdesrer3esrearsdsssesrreresd3dsrdeerrea!

  • He has a skull necklace... NO PAPYRUS NO!!!

  • AZZY: we should all read ME: I don’t read... Azzy don’t support me😱 THIS WAS A JOKE!!!

  • It doesn’t mean carefully fall into the cliff someone is just evil

  • I know about horses because I have been riding horses for six years

  • Love you Azzy ❤️

  • 7:55 Stand-asleep

  • hi azzy

  • Azzy is kind plus so cute beautiful and kindnesss

  • I can relate

  • Underwater smoking like what ?? =/

  • I know horses lay down cuz im mongolian so i live in mongolia but i never knew that horses can sleep standing

  • Yes

  • #fire

  • #danger

  • The first one says beware of the cliff

  • they put prop pretzles

  • if my horse did that it would just die off falling

  • there is no decimal point after 1 in 1.48 dollars in grapeless grapes so the grapes cost$148

  • Im not Kitten That i Loooove this youtube channel!!!!! >:3 keep doing your best work azzy!!!!

  • I can't beat the monkey of wildness, ehh? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 👿

  • #Danger #fire Azzy your the best youtuber love ya❤💘💕❤💘💕❤💘💕❤💘