AMAZING INVENTIONS That Will Change Your Life !

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 27 Μάι 2019
Title: AMAZING INVENTIONS That Will Change Your Life !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to AMAZING INVENTIONS That Will Change Your Life !
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  • Glasses do feel uncomfortable sleeping with them trust me I have glasses

  • "It's a bike you can literally put on your bike... Back!

  • This is how many times Azzy has ever said “delicious!” | | \ /

  • I always make it to midnight like 54321 12-8

  • Irined

  • my brother ate gum under the table before when he was little 😫 what's your story? (if u have one)

  • I always swallow gum 🙂🤗🤨

  • The butter knife doesn’t work at all either

  • The mini fridge definitely does not work ive tried its

  • ....... Baby..... No water in face....... Need

  • I can swallow gum

  • 2:02 I have that

  • I have the water bottle

  • Azzy: "how many times has your toast popped out only to find it burnt?" Me: "Every. Single. Time. LITERALLY!"

    • @Gacha Sisters same

    • Fr and if it isn’t burnt I either buttered it bad or just plain didn’t toast it. And they said toasting bread was easy.

  • Talking about suit cases. I saw this guy in the airport with his suitcase following him. Me and my mom thinks it’s some kind of magnet but🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I bumped my head against my third period desk and got gum stuck in my hair. ;w;

  • Some body put gum under my teachers deaths

  • my bro had the EXACT same bank without ever seeing this video!

  • I was crying for 15 minutes and started watching your vídeos and stoped thank you u make my day better

  • I have the piggy bank

  • NO

  • The cookies Steeler is Santa

  • I have one of those things

  • Once my gum disintegrated while I was in the car and it tasted so bad


  • I wear glasses

  • 2:00 My grandfather and my mom have one of those, but they're extremely old. Both rather dusty, one kept on top of an armoire and the other lost somewhere in Wonderland. Okay... That butter? Yeah, the one that the savior knife that stops me from putting it in my mouth and spitting it out (IF WHAT I'M MAKING IS FOR MEH ONLY) only to spread it again. Burnt Toast: Baisically my mom left toast in the toaster for half a day, therefore making us think we burnt down the house because of a fire.

  • This is Jordi and azzy’s child 👒 👧🏽 👚🍔 👖 Mmmm 😋 burger want one Thanks for the 4 likes

  • The glasses one where you can sleep with them on and it isn’t unconfy sleeping with glasses on bc you forget about them and it’s like you don’t have them on

  • I wear glasses but sometimes it's a bit uncuftble 😅

  • i wear glasses and laying down with them is hella unconfterble

  • That power nap pillow makes your head look like a chicken or turkey torso for those American people

  • My grandpa has find my wallet

  • But the pass code USB but u know that u can put a pass code on your folder to right?

  • I have the money counting piggy bank

  • I have that piggy bank that counts your money

  • beging of this video: oh please it wont At the end:WOW MY LIFE IS NEVER THE SAME

  • I know someone with Fannypack sandals

  • I hate when gum turns into that watery stuff

  • me at 1:34 : i mean, adults can use this too. If they need to shower but just did their makeup 2020check

  • I wish I had money for dis

  • For the pillow for glasses I need that so I can watch GRtorrent videos and I can see!!!😀😀😃😃😄😄

  • I have the scooter suitcase and yes it’s aloud in air ports

  • 9:03 my dad had one

  • Let’s play a game Girls: keep the button even Boys: keep the button odd

    • Ur likes at 0 and that’s even so yeah

  • I feel you GURL I feel you we BIG TWINS YO AZZY WE ARE LIGIT

  • You are so my twin

  • That little earth is so cute!

  • I have the scooter suitcase and you are allowed to use them in airports

  • I forgot to eat my choclate cake r.i.p T-T (even if theres slices)

  • Willow Hello be like, "lets play a game!" 😈 Girls, try and get odd no. of likes and boys, try to get even no. of. likes". I be like, "GIRL! it is the opposite tho! 😀😃😄😆😆👏

  • do prank on your bff

  • Sleeping with glasses hurts


  • I have glow in the dark zipper ear buds

  • Azzy never get close to a screen abd NEVER GET GLASSES!

  • I have glasses and let me tell you that....ITS....NOT...COMFORTBLE...TO...SLEEP WITH IT HURTS BEHIND YOUR EARS.

  • Lobe you such a big fan and you are smart and pretty

  • I have the tiny fridge

  • i am one of he people who put gum under the desk my math teacher gave me detention