Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.11.16 Bucks vs Pacers - 26 Pts, 13 Rebs, 6 Asts!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 17 Νοέ 2019
November 16 | NBA Regular Season | Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.11.16 Bucks vs Pacers - 26 Pts, 13 Rebs, 6 Asts! - NBA Video'
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    • @Grammar Police - wtf are u talking about creature?

    • @Skills of Aesthetics SUCKUP MUCH😂😂

    • You should as entertainment as your show is you are infringing on other channels.. Maybe pay them some royalties

    • If anything fails, you can always upload your highlights on Bitchute.

  • 1:38 Im sorry that dunk was good but that block was the real highlight omgg he definitely gave some old lady a black eye with that volleyball spike

  • Luka vs Giannis, can't wait

  • It's crazy how Giannis has literally topped his game

  • He was really bad in the world cup though so ... FIBA is not a show like NBA you know. Uknown players showed him what real defence means.

  • Soooo we just ignoring the fact Giannis and Myles Turner walked in the arena with the same damn outfit on?


  • 3:32 *Just 2 Dribbles From Half Court*

  • Nice reunion with Malcom Brogdon while he was at it.

  • The ambition this young man has. MAY NO WHITE WOMAN DETER HIS GREATNESS

  • They're actually running a 5-out

  • I swear he is continuing to get more comfortable with that pull up 3, obviously working with Korver has helped, but his mentality has also changed he is more willing to shoot them which is fucking terrifying. Hes gunna be unfair

  • he is alright, the NBA defenses make him look good

  • i've never seen anyone Dominate a sport in the way giannis does not even lbj or kobe. He's just different

  • 青峰のフォームレスシュートやん

  • its funny how he cant do any of this against the raptors. cant even get to the paint

    • I guess you missed the Nov 2 game where he scored 36 pts, 15 reb, 8 assists, 4 blocks against the Raptors. 70% from the floor.

  • just like a miami bron, absolute monster

  • Greek freak

  • he aint even trying wow

  • Why people say i look like him and sound like him

  • MVP^2

  • Giannis 🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️

  • They got 2 lopez

  • Since the game was getting easy in the end, he chose to step out and let Thanasis some playing time

  • His name looks like a full sentence on his jersey lol

  • THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT GET YOUR BALL BACK OR DO SOMETHING!!!! 🤣 then they go back and look at the dunk 🤣

  • 28 minutes! We are now starting to see Giannis shoot the 3 ball at a somewhat respectable clip (32%) if he is not only able to hit it but most importantly draw defensive attention to him from farther out, he has a serious chance of bringing Milwaukee the championship and becoming a top 3 player all time

  • 26-13-6 and yawning... A typical day at work

  • I feel so happy i saw giannis from near on a tour with national team here in Crece island(Greece vs Iran).i didnt believe i would ever saw him...this guy is something unique...especially his athletism/strength for 2,11m.

  • Giannis is like we have Jordan, Magic and Doctor, in one player!!!

  • Back to Back MVP!

  • That dunk was genocide

    • disrespecting. Those players have families.

  • Whenever he hits a 3, I but

  • He’s shooting 32% from three

    • last 5 games is like 44%, and it would be over 50% if it wasnt for the bulls game. 1/5.

  • This guy is a Phantom best allaround player, he is literaly everywhere and does everything to win!

  • Giannis did the demigod glitch on himself

  • He the definition of dominant when he in the game he just change everything

  • The new nba so stupid can the man consistently knock down free throws they so focused on his three if he had the footwork with the kd/kawhi mid post game he would be so ridiculous

  • why they don't make replay of Giannis block (01:46)

    • because it was to cool!!

  • This man is playing at by far the highest level in the league right now he’s doing what he wants when he wants everywhere on the court and he is becoming very respectable from 3 now shooting 32%